The COVID-19 pandemic is shaping consumer demand and behaviour. As our world begins to open again, it is vital for enterprises to engage ever so closely with consumers to understand their needs and create experiences that are relevant and truly authentic - Intelligent Experiences.

Join us for an exclusive webinar on Intelligent Experiences with Raghavan Kirthivasan, Director, Data Science at Epsilon, and Ali Toure, Digital Services Leader at eMudhra.

Learn about how innovative companies are creating exceptional experiences by leveraging data and machine learning platforms.

When: Wednesday, 30th September 2020, 17:30 IST

You'll learn about:

  • Leveraging data and AI to create intelligent experiences
  • Best practices in implementing intelligent experiences solutions

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Creating Intelligent Customer Experiences in the Covid-19 World.

Raghavan Kirthivasan

Raghavan Kirthivasan

Director, Data Science
Ali Toure

Ali Toure

Digital Services Leader