emStream combines powerful data aggregation features with the ability to mine sentiments using proprietary Natural Language Processing. emStream enables a wide array of AI-driven use cases that require analysis and visualization of data for learning buying patterns, product performance, revenue growth, customer behaviour and many other scenarios.


emStream has a modular architecture with three main components - data aggregators, processing engine and visualization. With support for data ingestion across a range of data sources, emStream's core engine runs on an Apache Spark cluster for Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics tasks.

Computed data is stored in a NOSQL data store allowing visualizations to be done on Tableau or other popular visualization tools.

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Social Graphs

emStream allows advanced graphing capabilities by integrating with leading graph computation technologies such as Apache Spark GraphX, SigmaJS to visually represent relationships and calculate graph densities, shortest paths, network centrality.

Machine Learning

emStream has an Artificial Intelligence-based analytics platform module to maximize business value through advanced machine learning capabilities. Powered by Apache Spark, emStream supports Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning. As part of Supervised Machine Learning, it offers a host of regression algorithms, supports vector machines as well as classification algorithms.

When it comes to Unsupervised Machine Learning, users can make use of clustering using K-Means, Topic Modelling and association Rules with ease. emStream NER Engine (named entity extraction) comes with a list of pre-installed entities and pre-trained machine learning models. The Machine Learning capabilities of emStream can aid in automating policies that can result in creation of smarter workplaces so that you are always a step ahead.

Natural Language Processing

emStream's proprietary NLP engine is a combination of domain ontology on top of data that can help you in establishing sentiment to specific attributes with unmatched accuracy. emStream's NLP offers sophisticated language and statistical model processing on data volume of any size in helping you get actionable insights faster.

emStream could be your reliable tool for:

  • Sentiment, Problem & Intent Analysis
  • Topic Identification
  • Theme Extraction
  • Auto Summarization of Text
  • Verb Argument Extraction
  • Extraction of Events

Enterprise Data Lakes

emStream provides you with a fully governed central data repository to store all your structured and unstructured data at scale. emStream features capabilities of data governance, meta data management along with advanced data ingestion and secure universal data access. Data can be stored as-is helping you avoid time-consuming ETL processes for structuring data during the data ingestion stage. A unified data storage and analytics system facilitates data-driven decision making along with the rapid discovery of historical and trending patterns.

The Information Lifecycle Management framework integrated with emStream helps you meet risk and compliance objectives ensuring best practices for data retention and classification. Our policies and business rules are pre-configured to meet industry compliance across geographies (such as GDPR) with an option to custom design and meet specific requirements based on your organizational needs.